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Liaoning Shengang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., established in 1993 as a director and vice-chairman unit of the China Food Association, specializing in operation of large-scale exhibitions, academic conferences, high-level forums and business meetings. It is the earliest company in Liaoning Province that enjoys the qualification to hold exhibitions.

Since 1993, the company's medical equipment exhibition, epidemic prevention and protection materials exhibition, health expo, drug fair, food, sugar and wine, beverages, condiments, national intangible cultural heritage, time-honored restaurant chain franchises, catering ingredients, green food expo, food machinery, packaging, baking equipment, and other exhibitions have become brand exhibitions, with a high reputation throughout the country. It has been highly valued, trusted, and recognized by the same industry, enterprises, and users.

In 2003, the Shengang company established a food machinery and packaging equipment exhibition area for the China Food & Drinks Fair, which reached an unprecedented scale, and was identified by the China Sugar and Wine Group Co., Ltd as the organizer of the China Food & Drinks Fair.

Since its establishment, Shengang company has been awarded the "Best Exhibition Enterprise" by the state, government, and industry associations; Shenyang International Medical Equipment Exhibition is a "brand exhibition"; Shenyang China South Korea Food and Food Machinery Packaging Equipment Exhibition was awarded the "Potential Exhibition", the elite leader of the Chinese liquor industry, and the organization award of Heilongjiang Green Food Expo.

Shengang company is also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. Poverty alleviation in Daliang Mountain and poverty-stricken mountainous areas, support enterprises with relatively backward economies and unsalable products, create development through quality, create benefits through brand, never forget your original intention, and forge ahead!

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